Women’s Day

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March and it is celebrated to remind all the people around the world on all the great thing women have achieved in all aspects of life.

In some countries this day is also called the International Working Women’s Day or United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

It is mostly to celebrate women and to raise awareness on social issues women still have to endure in some countries.

Women's Day

It was in the early 20th century when this day was proclaimed Women’s Day.

First it was celebrated as a socialist political event where men would show their love, admiration and respect towards women, and note all their accomplishments on the field of politics, human rights, economics and etc.

Decision about such day was made in 1910.

Women's Dayin Copenhagen, even though it wasn’t clear on which day it would be celebrated.

The primary idea was to establish a date when whole world will celebrate and promote the equal rights for all women.

First time this day was celebrated happened on 19th of March in 1911. in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

Till the year of 1913.

America and Russia also joined the celebration, and soon whole world was involved.

Only Australia didn’t celebrate this event until 1975 when women (all members of the Australian Builders Laborers Federation) gathered a rally.

The most important thing to mention is that in 1914.

in Germany this day was celebrated in the spirit of women’s right to vote, and during 1917.Women's Day

celebration in Saint Petersburg, women demanded the end of World War I, which made a great impact on further development of society.

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the globe in different ways, all depending on those countries exceptional women and their achievements.

It’s usually by organizing programs like women parades, conferences, and debates, presentations covering women’s issues in society and public meetings including other women rights promotional activities.

It is also celebrated locally in schools and at home, students usually give gifts to their female teachers, and mothers get lovely presents from their families.

It can be compared with Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day, since we all need to cherish all the hard work and love given from women.

For example; in India people celebrate this day with great passion to spread the message about women rights and their place in society.

Usually it is organized that on this day women publish their books about social issues that are present in their community.