Top SEO Tools for High Rankings

SEO also known as Search engine optimization is an essential in ensuring that your website or blog is visible and ranks high on search results. Consult Sydney SEO company to learn more about SEO. Research has proved that most people barely search past the first page of search results, hence making the objective of any web designer to ensure that their website is on the first page.

SEO tools

Keyword analysis

Use of keyword to achieve high SEO ranking has been around for a while, but things seem toseo be changing. The aim of most search engines like Google is to ensure that only websites which deserve to rank higher remain high ranking. For this reason, regulations like banning websites with keyword stuffing were introduced thus making the use of keywords inĀ achieving high ranking hard.

Hence, the concept of keyword analysis is to use tools like UbberSuggest, SEMrush, and Team Explorer to analyze the effectiveness of your keywords and get alternative terms to use in achieving high rank while avoiding being penalized by Google.


Great content is still king in the world of SEO. Informative, relevant, up-to-date and accurate content not only gets a website high ranking but keeps visitors long enough to take an action like sign up on your website. Keep your content fresh and engaging by regularly updating your website’s content. Tools like Outdated Content Finder and Buzzsumo can help in generating ideas for fresh content as well as showing the effectiveness of the current keywords in achieving a high ranking.

Link Building

Link building is redirecting visitors from other popular sites like news websites to your website. Although some search engines like Google prohibit and penalize those who use link building, some tools can help you to establish methods to create awareness about your website without being penalized. Link Miner Plugin and Buzzstream are the best tools to achieve link building.

Social Media integration

Everyone is on social media today. The interactive nature of social media makes it a better tool for achieving SEO since you can post content, respond to customer inquiries, encourage visitors to share your content and comment on seotrending topics related to your product or industry. Tools like Caption Tube, Cincopa, and Pow Toon are some examples that can help in creating videos and animations to be shared on Facebook and YouTube.

Hence, there are dozens of SEO tools that one can use to achieve a high ranking. The effectiveness of these tools in achieving high ranking lies in the ability of a web designer to use several tools successfully. No one tool can work alone, but by integrating a range of tools, one can not only rank high but remain at the top.…