Types Of Baby Blankets And Buying Tips

A blanket is simply the best friend of a newborn. In some babies find it difficult to sleep without it. When purchasing a blanket for the little one, you need to know the right type and what to consider. With many types of blankets for babies available on the market today. Choosing the right one can be a tedious process owing to the wide variety on the market and new entrants. However, if you know the popular types of baby blankets, you will find it easy to purchase one for your baby.

Types of baby blankets

Receiving blankets

These a babyare considered as the most versatile as they are multi-functional. In fact, they can be used for nearly any purpose. They can be used as a burp cloth, play mat, breastfeeding cover, and baby swaddle blanket. Their main function is to receive the infant at birth. They are made of eco-friendly and lightweight materials such as fleece, bamboo, and organic cotton. Since they are thin, you will find it easy to lay them with other types of blankets.

Security blankets

As the name suggests, these blankets are designed to make your toddler or baby feel comfortable and secure at unusual or bedtime situations. They are usually made of ultra-soft materials such as blankets that come stuffed animal attachment. They are also called as loveys or blankeys. You should use them until the baby becomes a toddler. For security reasons, they need to be durable and offer adequate comfort.

Swaddling blankets

These are designed to wrap babies tightly. This makes the feel as they are in their mother’s tummy. They are quite similar to security blankets as far as functionality is concerned. Their main feature that distinguishes them from security blankets is Velcro fastener, which helps you to swaddle your baby easily and quickly.

Buying a baby blanket

Choose right type

What ybaby using baby blanketou should consider is the type of blanket that is ideal for your baby. As mentioned above, there are several types of blankets your baby needs at different stages. No matter the blanket you choose, you need to ensure it fits your baby well.

Comfort level

No matter the type of blanket you select, comfort should be your topmost priority. Ensure the one you purchase is neither too soft or too harsh as the baby has delicate and sensitive skin. If it does not feel pleasant against the skin, the baby will cry.…