Ear Gauges: How to Care for your Ears During Stretching

Ear gauges make it easy to stretch piercing holes. They come in various sizes, and your choice is determined by the kind of hole you want. Try different options to get ear gauges thatĀ feel right in your earlobes. Avoid over stretching your earlobes because it can make your ear rip. Proper care is necessary to ensure you get the best results when using gauges. Here are ideas on how to care for your ears when stretching them.

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Clean Regularly

Clean your earlobes daily to prevent bacteria and dirt buildup during the stretching process. Use a wash cloth and some soapy water to massage the ear lobes and rinse them off using warm water. It is easier to clean your earlobes each time you take a shower.

Avoid using disinfectants and rubbing alcohol on your piercing. This is especially important if your piercing hole is yet to heal. Some people assume that this is the best way to eliminate dirt but soap has antibacterial properties and works effectively.

Remove Gauges Occasionally

Remove the gauges for a few hours a few times each week to allow your earlobes to breathe. This is also a perfect way to enhance circulation in your earlobes. The piercing will not close up when you remove the jewelry temporarily.

Use Sea Salt

Sea salts will keep your earlobes healthy. Mix a teaspoon of the salts with a cup of water and place your earlobes in the mixture for about 10 minutes. You can repeat this at least once a week.

Treat Infections

Earlobes can get infected during the stretching process. Use an antibiotic cream on the affected earlobe. Sea salts can also be useful for infections. It is also advisable to use a small sized ring until the infection heals to prevent permanent damage. Infections usually occur when you allow debris to accumulate on the piercing hole.

Change Gauge Size

piercing Change the size of your gauge occasionally depending on the results you want. Start small and work your way up to allow your earlobes to stretch gradually. Allow the jewelry to stay in your earlobe for at least a month before you switch to a bigger size. This gives the stretching enough time to heal properly. A healed piercing should not cause pain or have resistance when you try larger gauge.

Ear gauges have gained popularity among people who want to stretch their earlobes for cultural and decorative purposes. Use this advice to get the best out of your jewelry and avoid infections.…