Buying guide for umbrella

There are many different types of umbrellas in the market. Deciding on which one to buy may be overwhelming due to the many options. There are many factors which you need to put into consideration for you to make the right choice. Some of the main ones are highlighted below.

Top factors to consider

Sizekid with large umbrella

Umbrellas come in various sizes. Your choice should depend on how you intend to use the umbrella. The small sizes are designed to provide enough coverage for only one person, which means that you cannot share them comfortably. The advantage of the small ones is that they are more portable, which means that you can carry them around all day. The largest ones are usually meant for use in patios and gardens, and they can provide coverage for many people. However, they have limited portability. You can also consider the size of the umbrella with the hood closed as well. For example, you can check whether it will fit in your handbag.

Hood material

The hood of the umbrella can be made from various materials. You should ensure that the material used for the umbrella you buy is of high quality to enjoy durability. You should also check if it is weatherproof such that it will not turn inside out when the winds are high or rust when stored for long.


different umbrella designsThere are many different designs for umbrellas. For starters, check the type of mechanism used to open and close the umbrella. Many use a manual mechanism, but there are some which are automated. Whichever the case, it should be easy to open or close it. You can also check the color of the hood of the umbrella and choose the one that pleases you. Some may even have prints and images or various other design tweaks. Romdee provides a wide variety of options for you to choose from.


Price considerations have to be made, just as with any other purchase. Your budget will play a major role in determining the umbrella that you will buy. Your options will be limited to only the umbrellas that fit your budget. Make sure you compare the price to the quality of the umbrella for you to get a good deal. Avoid the very cheap ones, unless it is on offer, as they are usually of poor quality.…